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On Google Apps Device Management options

Google Apps has a number of Device Management options which cover mobile phones, Chromebooks/Chromeboxes, Chrome Browsers installed on Windows/Mac OSX and Meeting Room Hardware. I will skip the meeting room hardware as I don’t know anywhere that uses these – they tend to just use a Chromebox instead, Mobile Devices. This include both Android and…
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19th February 2020 0

Domain-joined servers cannot access non-domain file shares

I ran into this when I was setting up a test domain at home. A domain controller and domain server was unable to connect to my file server that was not on the domain. Trying to access the file share via either an ip address or UNC share gave the error message “Windows cannot access…
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25th January 2020 0

Dell iDRAC 6 Firmware

Dell iDRAC Monolithic Release 2.92 This is the current version for the iDRAC 6 firmware. I will try and keep it updated as Dell change their site.

25th January 2020 0

Backup Exec SMTP E-Mail notifications with Google Mail

Recently in work I’ve been looking at getting our Backup Exec email notifications working so it can alert us on failure of the job. Had some issues in work so I installed BackupExec on a VM at home and tried it, all worked fine. First thing, as BackupExec 16 does not support secure mailing, you’ll…
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25th January 2020 0

Server 2019 Activation Error: Run “slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004F069” to display the error text

I was trying to activate Server 2019 Standard in a virtual machine this weekend, and on trying to enter the license key I got an error code of “0x80070032″ which wasn’t very helpful. This led onto trying to use slrmgr -ipk to install the license key, which also failed with ” On a computer running…
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27th May 2019 4

Windows 10 Hyper-V failing to connect to virtual machine

I use Hyper-V on both my home and work machines for testing things. My work pc recently stopped connecting when I hit right-click and “Connect” on the Hyper-V Console, whilst my home PC continued to work. Looking under Task Manager there was a Virtual Machine Connection session running but it was not accessible. Running VMConnect.exe…
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16th May 2019 0

Windows 7 to 10 or Windows 10 Feature Upgrade – error 0xC1900202 / 0x00000000

Finally worked out what the issue with upgrading out machines to Windows 10 from Windows 7 was – if you get a 0xC1900202 error this is “0x80240020 WU_E_NO_INTERACTIVE_USER Operation did not complete because there is no logged-on interactive user.” This points to this Microsoft Article which explains the issue can be resolved by a registry…
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11th May 2018 0

Dell XPS 13 9370 Mini Review

In work we buy Dell XPS 13 units for those that staff that use a laptop. Previous models have been in the 9350/9360 line, however, we’ve recently recieved two new 9370 units with 8th Gen Intel, so I thought I’d post a few comments and pictures on them, compared to previous models. The main difference…
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6th April 2018 0

Dell XPS 13 asking for Bitlocker key every startup

I’ve recently been encrypting our fleet of Dell XPS 13 laptops ready for GDPR compliance come May 2018. I have had some issues with the machine asking for the bitlocker recovery key on each startup and from what I can tell this involves a TPM level 2.0 being used when Secure boot mode is off…
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12th March 2018 0

Editing a Windows 7/Windows 10 Hosts File

The Hosts file is a file within Windows which can be used to map IP addresses to hostnames, and can also be used to override settings from DNS servers. The file can be found at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc however you will need to run NotePad (or Notepad++) as administrator, as it is a protected system file. Search…
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1st February 2018 0